Living in the UK? Guidelines around CBD creams for topical pain management and skin conditions

1st September 2021

Many countries across the world are on the fence with their laws concerning CBD and its components. National governments are constantly trying to figure out what uses of CBD should be legal. 

Multiple states in Canada and the USA have declared CBD legal, while many others still restrict the sale of CBD even for medicinal purposes. 

Nonetheless, many countries and territories are slowly opening up access to the cannabinoid and products containing it. There is growing evidence of the therapeutic, recreational, cosmetic, and dietary benefits of CBD.

The UK has a unique set of regulations laid out as far as CBD and CBD products are concerned. However, it is now becoming easier to buy CBD hemp cream in the UK with peace of mind over product quality. 

The use of hemp creams and other topicals is on the rise in the global population. Therefore, the UK has eased the strict laws concerning hemp cream and now made it safe to use for a number of purposes. 

Let’s delve into more details about the laws regarding CBD in the UK, its multiple health benefits, and the regulations governing the use of hemp cream.

What are the rules and regulations concerning the use of CBD in the UK?

The UK government permits CBD as dietary supplements or cosmetics including products for topical application. While the therapeutic potential of the cannabinoid is becoming increasingly recognised, CBD companies selling products containing the compound are still not permitted to make any medical claims regarding their products.

However, under the 2018 legalisation of medical cannabis, the UK government occasionally permits the medicinal use of the drug for some conditions. 

CBD is legal in the UK, however, it is important to differentiate these products from cannabis oils. The government recognises both types of oils separately. CBD oil contains only permitted, non-psychoactive cannabinoids and other minor cannabis compounds, while cannabis oil includes THC and is illegal in the UK. 

Speaking of THC, the maximum limit of holding THC is 1 mg per container regardless of its size and the quantity of product within it. Growing and cultivating cannabis in one’s own home is governed by relatively rigid laws, labelling this act as illegal. 

Is the use of hemp cream legal in the UK?

Despite these strict rulings regarding the use of cannabis in the UK, the manufacture, sale, and use of hemp and CBD creams are legal, with a large number of products now available. People are now free to purchase and use hemp cream and reap the health benefits of the same. 

How could hemp and CBD cream help?

Hemp skincare products and topicals have been around for centuries – however, the growing ease at which CBD can be extracted from hemp plants has meant that CBD products have quickly stepped into the limelight.

These products are used widely for general wellbeing, however, there is growing evidence that CBD creams and other topicals may have therapeutic and medicinal potential for pain management and skin conditions:

  • Reduces joint and muscle pain:

It is believed that applying CBD cream at the site of pain may help with the management of localised pain, such as joint and muscle pain. Studies have shown that CBD is able to penetrate the layers of the skin to get to the core of the cause of the pain and address it accordingly.  

  • Addresses itchy patches:

Itchy patches on the skin are usually a result of inflammation or infection. Symptomatic treatment is not always enough to get rid of itchy and painful patches on the skin. The surest way to betterment is to address the root cause and deal with it accordingly.  

Hemp contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Applying hemp and CBD cream on the affected area can reportedly help to reduce inflammation and infection. The soothing and cooling properties of hemp cream further benefit the skin in recovering. 

  • Skin conditions:

There is growing anecdotal and clinical evidence to suggest that CBD may be useful in reducing inflammation and irritation associated with a number of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, and eczema. evidence also shows that CBD has anti-ageing properties and imparts soothing and moisturizing effects to the skin.

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