Wellness // Canex Awards 2020

28th December 2020

We get A LOT of Wellness products here at Canex HQ and of course, we’d love to pick them all. Wellness products are particularly easy to incorporate into your daily life but alas we had a tough decision to make.

Bronze // My Lifeline Cold Brew Coffee

Caffeine for alertness and CBD for composure. Easy to pop in my bag for my much-needed caffeine hit without losing my cool.

I particularly love the branding of My-Lifeline and it’s fresh take on what a CBD Brand is. Not a smidge of grass green in sight.

Silver // Cubid Deep Sleep Set

What says wellness better than an incredible night’s sleep? A CBD Deep Sleep Set that’s what.

This little set feels really luxurious and we think, would make a wonderful gift also. We already swear by CBD for a fantastic nights sleep but this neat little package has leveled THAT UP with the sleep tracker, peppermint CBD oil, body butter AND the silk sleep mask.

Gold // NatureCan Protein Powder

Gainz Gainz Gainz.

Being an office full of gym buffs (we’re not but we try) we really loved the ease of having our CBD in our protein for muscle building and the anti-inflammatory properties to help those next day Doms. Plus, it tastes like a dream and is a worthy winner of our Gold Canex award for Wellness 2020.

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