What is the deal with CBD Coffee?

9th August 2019

Since the popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD) exploded in 2018, a multitude of CBD-infused products have hit the market. Prevalent among those products are CBD Coffees. Many cities in the UK now have at least one café dedicated to serving up hot brews and tasty treats with a dose of CBD. But what is the deal with CBD and coffee?

The average person could take a short browse online, or locate an independent café or wellness shop, and purchase a number of different CBD coffee products – from infused coffee beans and ground coffee, to ready-made CBD lattes and cappuccinos.

For such a popular product, there is very little known about how CBD and caffeine interact in the body. Despite this, there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence available on the internet. The gist seems to be that CBD coffee succeeds in delivering a boost to alertness and focus, without the jitters often associated with coffee.

Tremors and shakes? Insomnia? Anxiety? These are just some of the negative effects that coffee can cause. Conveniently, though, the reported effects of CBD are quite the opposite. Cannabidiol has been found to reduce anxiety, and help to treat Insomnia. The combination has, reportedly, resulted in a calm alertness, increasing users focus and concentration. So, maybe opposites do attract, and don’t just counteract each other? Turns out a lot of people would say so.

But is there any scientific evidence?

Anecdotal evidence might be enough to push you to try it for yourself, but is there any scientific evidence behind the claims? Well, the short answer is: no, not really.

The extent of the scientific research on the subject has indicated that caffeine, like CBD, can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). However, a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that the two substances affect the neurotransmitters found in the ECS in opposite ways. This could relate to the even ground that some people seem to find when mixing CBD with coffee.

Medical professionals stress that all substances, from CBD and caffeine, to alcohol and THC, affect different people in different ways. The optimal dosage in these cases can be very sensitive, and what helps one person achieve a sense of calm focus, could help another person achieve an afternoon nap; and yet another person might feel nothing at all.

What does CBD coffee look like?

CBD coffee looks like any other coffee, from the beans, to the cup. Some CBD coffees may be served simply with a pipette of CBD oil, intended for the customer to add to their hot drink. Although this might feel theatrical, and certainly makes the CBD element more obvious, it could be a less effective way to take a dose of CBD.

Oil and water don’t mix. And while there are ways to increases the absorption of oils taken this way, these mixes tend to have a low bio-availability. Emulsifying the mixture can help to increase absorption. However, the best way of infusing coffee with CBD remains using a water-soluble blend.

No matter what form of CBD you take, the substance has been declared “safe” by the World Health Organisation. So, as long as you use a reliable product, you can try out different doses and ratios, to see if these two bedfellows can work for you.

Having said this, if you are on any medication, you should always check with a Doctor before taking CBD.



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