Why Taking Your CBD With Fatty Foods Improves Effectiveness

12th September 2019

Being a Cannabis product, it might sound like a cliche, but it turns out CBD absorption rates are significantly more effective when consumed with fats. It has been scientifically proven that taking your CBD with a high-fat snack will give you a better effect.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota carried out a study measuring the effect of Cannabidiol (CBD) on symptoms of Epilepsy. Pat of their study looked at the conditions that improved the efficiency of  CBD absorption.

The reason for this is actually pretty straightforward. CBD itself is an oil-based molecule, and most products also feature a carrier oil. This means that it is usually not water-soluble. However, some companies have used technology to produce a water-soluble solution – this is often used in CBD-infused drinks.

It has also been found that once absorbed, the molecules are stored in the fat of your body. This means that an increased amount of fat in the body will aid in the absorption and storing of CBD molecules. The increased amount of fat could also help the CBD to stay in your system for longer.

In the study by University of Minnesota researchers, participants were given a single dose of 99% pure CBD capsules while fasting. The absorption rate in these conditions were then compared to those when the CBD was taken alongside a “high-fat” meal.

It was found that levels of CBD absorption were up to 14 times higher when taken with a high-fat meal. The study also reported that no side effects or adverse events were reported.

So, next time you get out your CBD tincture to apply a drop under your tongue, think about tucking into a fatty meal first. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you should sit down and eat a full tup of ice cream. Think about the healthy fats that could aid in the absorption process. Fatty fish like salmon, and vegetables like avocado would be a great accompaniment to your CBD dose.

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