Winners of the First Ever World CBD Awards Announced

19th July 2019

This week, the first ever World CBD Awards kicked off in Barcelona, Spain. A diverse mix of business representatives, investors, scientists, industry experts, farmers and more attended the three day event which concludes today.

The event featured informative seminars and speeches from industry experts, as well as networking opportunities and of course, the awards. Organisers drew up thirteen categories, including ‘Best Clinically Proven Brand’ and ‘Most Loved Brand’. There was also awards for specific products.

The awards come after a series of concerns over the current regulations affecting quality standards of available CBD products. As CBD products are becoming more mainstream, there have been calls from multiple organisations and agencies to increase regulation of products. The awards were created with the aim of providing consumers with accurate guidance on the best quality products available on the market.

Group CEO of the World CBD Awards, James Cummiskey, said:

“The CBD Awards will act as the gold standard of the industry. We want brands and consumers to know that if a company has been credited with one of our prestigious awards, they have been recognized as the best of the best in their sector.”

The awards ceremony itself took place last night, and the winners were:

The World CBD Awards Committee was made up of:

James Cummiskey, co-founder and CEO of Compare CBD Ltd, Global Hemp Warehouse Ltd, C.H.M.P. LTD and World CBD Awards Ltd.;

Andrew Serafini, co-founder of C3 Global Biosciences, Inc;

Michael Patterson, CEO of US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development;

Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO and Founder of Affinity Bio Partners, CEO, Board President of Affinity Patient Advocacy and CEO and Co-Founder of AI Health Outcomes, CannaBot™;

Ramsey Douglas, Co-Founder/Executive Sales Director at Compare CBD Ltd, Global Hemp Warehouse Ltd, C.H.M.P. LTD and World CBD Awards Ltd.;

Dr Bryan Doner, CEO and Co-Founder of Compassionate Certification Centers.

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