The world’s biggest cannabis brownie is heavier than an adult grizzly bear

9th December 2021

An American company has baked the world’s biggest cannabis brownie that is just an absolute monster of its kind.

MariMed has unveiled the world’s largest cannabis-infused brownie in celebration of the launch of its new brand “Bubby’s Baked” and National Brownie Day on December 8.

The brownie is a beast: the confection measures three feet wide by three feet long and 15 inches tall, while weighing a whopping 850 pounds (385 kg), and containing 20,000mg of THC.

The numbers are just unreal: an adult male grizzly bear, for example, “only” weighs, on average, between 400–790 lb (180–360 kg). MariMed’s brownie is much heavier than a bear – it is mind-blowing.

It took 24 hours, 1,344 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar, 212 pounds of butter, 81 pounds of flour and 122 pounds of cocoa powder, among other ingredients, for the team of five to bake the biggest brownie ever made.

MariMed official Ryan Crandall told HuffPost: “One of the hardest parts was stabilising the brownie.

“We built a pallet and some supports to fortify the table it sat on to ensure the 850-pound brownie was safe.”

He added that their brownie contained the equivalent to 4,000 of the company’s normal-sized brownies ― which contain 5 milligrams of THC each.

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