Would you get high on cannabis with your granny?

6th October 2021

A new survey has found that the majority of respondents would use recreational cannabis with their grandparents, while most users prefer edibles to smoking.

According to the “Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey”, which examines consumers’ behaviours and habits surrounding cannabis use as legalisation is increasing across the country, almost two-thirds (60%) of cannabis users would be happy to have their grandparents join them during use.

The survey, which was published by Azuca, a leading cannabis edibles company, revealed that edibles have become really popular during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim Sanchez Rael, President & CEO of Azuca, said: “The ‘Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey’ confirmed what our team at Azuca has believed for years: edibles are the future of the cannabis industry.

“The survey also reveals there is still a need to educate Americans about cannabis. While consumer demand is growing exponentially, now is the time to bring sophisticated and approachable products to market that people can trust.”

The survey also found that over half (54%) wish the effects of their edibles kicked in faster, while nearly two thirds (62%) of respondents prefer edibles with little or no cannabis taste.

Among the survey’s key findings:

  • Cannabis Understanding: More than two thirds (70%) of Americans know the difference between THC and CBD. Additionally, nearly one-half (45%) know what microdosing is and how to do it.
  • Cannabis Wellness: Overall, 58% of Americans believe cannabis is the future of pain management. For cannabis users, 64% report they consume for relaxation; 40% say for pain management, 43% say for sleep aid, 37% say for health and wellness and 39% say for recreation.
  • Cannabis Consumption Habits: While adult-use cannabis is now legal in over 18 states, the survey reveals that half of Americans report they have never consumed cannabis. For Americans who report they consume cannabis, 28% say they do so daily, 15% say monthly, 18% say weekly and 39% say a few times a year.
  • Cannabis Consumption Preferences: Over half of cannabis users (52%) say they prefer to consume cannabis in the form of a gummy, 39% say they prefer smoking while 30% say they prefer chocolate or another type of food. Meanwhile, about 22% say they prefer a vaporiser, 17% prefer beverages and 13% prefer to use a topical.
  • Cannabis Stances: Nearly one third of reported cannabis users say it’s acceptable to use cannabis products during work hours, and more than half (60%) say they would still purchase products at a dispensary even if it was more expensive than the black market.

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