Zen Bears CBD Gummies: A Canex Review

25th August 2020

Cannabidiol, known more commonly by its abbreviation ‘CBD’, seems to be invading almost every industry imaginable, and the edibles market is far from the exception. It is probably not surprising that, here at Canex, we jump at the chance to review new CBD products – especially tasty edible ones like Zen Bears CBD Gummies! 

CBD is the second-most prevalent cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. Second only to THC in popularity and research, CBD has gained unprecedented popularity in the health and wellness worlds in recent years.

About Zen Bears

Zen Bears CBD Gummies is a British brand that is dedicated to producing high-quality and reliable CBD coated gummies. They use organically and sustainably sourced hemp-derived CBD for their tasty coated gummies – each batch of which is tested for purity and compliance.

What Did We Think?

When we try out a new CBD edible product, there are certain criteria that we want them to meet. First of all, they obviously have to taste good! In the case of Zen Bears, this was definitely not a problem. These little gummy bears pack a hell of a lot of fruity flavour, and even better, there’s none of the dreaded hemp-y aftertaste! Each Zen Bear is covered in a pharmaceutical CBD coating which is guaranteed to provide a 20mg dose of the cannabinoid.

Secondly, we are a big fan of stylish, functional, and sustainable packaging. Zen Bears didn’t disappoint on this front, either. Our jar of CBD gummies arrived in a perfectly-sized recyclable cardboard box (complete with attractive branded tape). The product itself is contained within a recyclable glass jar with a metal lid. Overall, we were very impressed with the packaging of this product!

Zen Bears CBD Gummies
Source: Zen Bears

Thirdly, all the other stuff! These gummies are made from CBD which is extracted using gold-standard processing methods. In addition, this product is made from all-natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans, adding to the brand’s sustainability repertoire. Zen Bears also make their certificates of analysis easily accessible, giving you peace of mind over exactly what is in your batch! And, finally, Zen Bears support the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, donating 20p of every purchase to the cause.

Coated Gummies vs Infused Gummies

Zen Bears choose to pharmaceutically coat their gummies with a preparation of CBD that diffuses in your mouth. This method of administration is aimed at increasing the absorption of the CBD, giving Zen Bears’ customers more value for money.

Despite being one of the most popular products on the market, CBD edibles actually offer relatively limited absorption. This is because edibles have to pass through the stomach and the liver before the ingredients are absorbed. Unfortunately, this means that a significant proportion of CBD consumed will be filtered out before it can be effectively absorbed. This is known as the ‘First Pass Effect’.

Zen Bears’ solution to this problem was to change how the CBD is absorbed by the body. Although Zen Bears’ gummies are undoubtedly edible, the CBD is actually absorbed before you swallow these tasty little bears.

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Product Scores

Zen Bears CBD Gummies



Attractive, eco-friendly packaging

Tasty gummies!

Slightly soft texture

Vegan and all natural ingredients

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