Orange County CBD Oil 6000mg: A Canex Review

20th May 2021

An oil for the seasoned CBD user from Orange County CBD is this week’s oil of choice. With 6000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, this one really gives you bang for your buck. Each drop, yes, EACH drop contains 10mg of CBD.

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that the strength alone means this oil is strong and unpalatable because it isn’t actually, at all. In fact for something so high in CBD it really is quite easy to take.

The 6000mg bottle has a distinct hemp flavour for sure but it leaves zero bitter after taste we usually experience from an unflavoured oil.

Heads up: Orange County actually does a Cherry flavour oil we’ve also reviewed. You can read that here.

Here’s what they say about their oils…

‘Our 6000mg full-spectrum CBD oil is the strongest oil we sell, packing a huge amount of our high-quality CBD into a mere 30ml of carrier oil. With 10mg of CBD in every drop, this is a product for a seasoned CBD user who wants their dose with some intensity.’

‘Like all of our full-spectrum oils, our 6000mg CBD oil is compromised largely of CBD with several other naturally occurring cannabinoids. This is to ensure that the full impact of the entourage effect reaches you. With THC content below 0.2%, our oils both comply with UK trading laws and have the opportunity to give you what we believe to be the best balance of cannabinoids available.’


All of Orange County CBD is of the highest quality, GMO and pesticide-free. Again, they use MCT carrier oil which is not only our personal favourite here at Canex but is proven to help in the quickest time possible.

As they say, the 6000mg bottle is their most powerful oil BUT if that’s not your thing, do not worry, they also do 3000mg, 1500mg, 1000mg and even 500mg. Perfect for those just dabbling in CBD.

Orange County has won many awards, even one with us for their CBD Gummy worms in 2020, so we think they are a fantastic all-rounder for both newbies and CBD aficionados alike.

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