Calm Drinks Fruity CBD Sparkling Waters – A Canex Review

Once again, here at The Cannabis Exchange, we have been trying out some CBD products to let you know what we think. Having already reviewed Calm Drinks’ CBD coffee products, this time we’ve had a go at their sparkling fruit drinks! Read on to see what we thought. 

Calm Drinks began their product line with a CBD-infused cold brew Americano, and oat milk latte. We were impressed with these products when we gave them a try a couple of months ago, so we were more than happy to try out the newer additions to the brand’s line.

Calm Drinks Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water

As we head into the Summer months, what could be better than enjoying some ice cold sparkling fruit drinks with the bonus of an easy CBD dose? Although Lemon & Lime is a classic, tried and tested flavour combination, it has never been one of my favourites. However, I found Calm’s Lemon & Lime CBD drink to be refreshing and tasty, and the perfect accompaniment on a hot day.


Calm CBD Drinks Lemon and Lime
Calm Drinks Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water

Each 250ml can of Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water contains a 10mg dose of CBD extract. Even more appealing, there is only 7 calories in each unit, making this a guilt-free, enjoyable, and tasty way to introduce cannabidiol.

Calm Drinks Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water

The second of Calm’s new fruity flavours is their Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water. Once again we thoroughly enjoyed this product. Despite being a sparkling water, the drink was bursting with flavour and was refreshing and enjoyable. Mixed Berry is a crowd-pleasing flavour, and Calm’s version is no exception.


Calm Drinks Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water
Calm Drinks Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water

Similarly to the Lemon & Lime sparkling water, the Mixed Berry version also contains a 10mg dash of CBD. Even more impressively, however, this flavour contains even fewer calories, coming in at just 5 calories per 250ml can!

Each 250ml can of CBD sparkling water is priced at £2 (this price is discounted when bought in bulk).

In addition to their coffee products, hot chocolate flakes, and fruity sparkling waters, Calm Drinks is poised to release a new product. The brand’s Orange Immunity+ CBD Sparkling Water contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Iron. We have been thoroughly impressed by Calm Drinks and their product line, and we look forward to trying their new product when it becomes available.

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  • Calm Drinks Lemon & Lime Sparkling Water
  • Calm Drinks Mixed Berry CBD Sparkling Water
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