European industry leader Cantourage brings Ugandan medical cannabis to Germany

13th January 2022

European medical cannabis leader Cantourage has announced a historic move in which German patients and pharmacies will be the first in Europe to gain access to Ugandan medical cannabis products.

Cantourage, one of the bright stars of the European market, and the Israeli producer Together Pharma have teamed up to bring Ugandan medical cannabis to the continent.

German patients will be able to access Together Pharma’s two products, Glueberry OG® and Power Plant. The dried flower products are the first African medical cannabis products that Cantourage has made available in Germany.

They will be distributed to pharmacies throughout the country in the coming weeks.

Together Pharma is a massive player in the medical cannabis market as the company is the only cultivator of medical cannabis in Uganda.

Its Ugandan facility has a full production capacity of more than 15 tons annually, including a range of innovative cultivars which will be introduced to the European medical markets over the coming months.

As of today, Cantourage has signed contracts with 18 leading cultivators from 13 different countries. Together Pharma will be the first company to launch products grown in Africa via Cantourage’s Fast Track Access Platform.

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, said: “With Together Pharma we are adding Uganda’s leading cultivator to Cantourage’s platform, supplying wholesalers and pharmacies throughout Europe.

“By bringing the first medical cannabis from Uganda to Germany we are adding even more treatment choice to patients and pharmacies, expanding our global network and highlighting our excellence at scouting the best growers globally.

“We feel privileged to be pioneers in bringing the best medical cannabis products from around the world into Germany at affordable prices for the benefit of patients.”

The news comes after Cantourage’s announcement of bringing Jamaican medical cannabis to Europe in August, last year.

In an interview with Canex a few months back, Mr Schetter said medical cannabis has become mainstream in Germany. More patients are using the products, more are talking about it and sharing their experiences with others.

He added the majority is now in favour of medical cannabis in Germany.

He said: “Obviously, the United States and Canada are ahead as they are the pioneers. The European market is developing and growing but maybe not as fast as some people or investors hoped.

“Germany was somewhat of a trailblazer when it changed its laws in 2017 and made medical cannabis accessible to more patients – also, we have seen some countries (Poland, the UK, Malta) easing their policies so more patients can get access to the medicine they need and more doctors started to prescribe medical cannabis as they realised it can actually help people to manage their pain.

“I think Europe is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, more countries will have an honest discussion on medical cannabis.”

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