CBD in a Keg – The Latest CBD Beer Launch

12th July 2019

Green Times Brewing, the first brewery in the UK to create a CBD-infused beer, have teamed up with another northern beer company.

Northern Monk, the Leeds-based brewery, have joined heads with the independent brewhouse to create a new IPA. The new beer contains water-soluble cannabidiol, a prevalent ingredient in the Cannabis plant, thought to be of great therapeutic value.

As the product contains less than 0.2% THC (or less than 1mg per container), it is completely legal in the UK.

The beer, ‘Green Heathen’, contains 10mg per pint and is only available in kegs.

CBD is usually extracted as an oil, and so is difficult to mix effectively with waster-based liquids. However, Green Times Brewing have acquired the supplement in a water-soluble form, from a leading supplier.

The release of the new beer follows the success of Green Times Brewing’s own independently brewed CBD-infused beverage. Their beer, ‘High Flyer’, was released at the end of last year and is available at pubs and beer shops up and down the country.

The release of these products comes at an exciting time, as the UK CBD industry continues to grow. The number of products available which contain the ingredient seems to be increasing every day.

CBD beers, however, are still few and far between and both Green Times, and Northern Monk seem to have beaten the trend.

Relief from anxiety, depression and chronic pain are among the reported benefits of CBD. However, clinical trials exploring the benefits are still in their infancy.

Despite being unable to make any medical claims, due to a lack of official evidence, anecdotal evidence supports these theories. What’s more, the World Health Organisation has declared the substance as safe.

Buyers can purchase the beer by visiting the Northern Monk Refectories in Leeds and Manchester, or emailing: drink@northernmonk.com

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