CBD Cocktail Bar Will Soon be Opening in Glasgow City Centre

27th November 2019

Glasgow’s city centre has an abundance of fun and interesting bars, but this one will be unlike any ever seen before – a CBD cocktail bar. It will be located in one of the hottest ‘secret’ spots in the city.

The unit, on Mitchell Lane, used to be home to the most well-loved secret bar in Glasgow, Panther Milk. However, after its unexpected and abrupt closing earlier this year, the space became available. The new CBD cocktail bar will be located in a hidden unit, through an existing bar and restaurant, Tabac.

The team behind Tabac came up with the CBD cocktail idea, as a way to use the unit in a new and stylish way. All cocktails served in the bar will contain a dose of CBD, through either drops or sugar gomme (an emulsifying sugar syrup).

Marco Lazzurri, the man behind Tabac, said:

“I decided to give the old Panther Milk venue a new layout too, in the style of a grow room. A neon sign of a hemp leaf will mark the spot where the old Panther Milk sign was, inviting people in.”

CBD is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient throughout the UK and the rest of the world. It is used mainly for wellness purposes, as it is said to aid in reducing anxiety and stress levels, among other things.

The ingredient has been integrated into a number of popular products, from tea and coffee to skincare and chocolate. For example, Britsh start-up company, Top Beverages even added it to a whole range of spirits, including gin, rum, and vodka.

The opening date, and the name of, the new bar is yet to be announced. Nonetheless, given the huge success of the Cannabis derivative, and the unit’s predecessor, this CBD cocktail bar is sure to do well in Glasgow.

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