Hello CBD’s Fruity Soft Drinks: A Canex Review

20th November 2019

When incorporating Cannabidiol (CBD) into edible products, many company’s in the past have fallen at the first hurdle. Some products inevitably mirror the grassy, bitter, and often unpleasant taste of the Cannabis extract. But that wasn’t the case with Hello CBD’s selection of fruity CBD drinks…

So, when we find a product that delivers a healthy dose of CBD, and still tastes great, we get a little bit excited. And that is exactly what happened when we tried HelloCBD’s 15mg fruit drinks.

HelloCBD makes three flavours of their fruity, CBD-infused drinks, and each one is more delicious than the last.

Tropical is just what it says on the tin: an exotic, fruity flavour of pineapple and mango. There is also very little aftertaste to speak of in this flavour.

The Açaí Berry is bright, sweet, slightly tart, and thoroughly enjoyable. Again, we did notice a slight aftertaste. However, this wasn’t unpleasant, and was nothing in comparison to other CBD products we have tried in the past.

Hello CBD’s Lemon & Lime option gives more of a mellow taste compared to the punchy flavours of açaí and tropical fruit. Nonetheless, it was equally as refreshing and enjoyable as the two other flavours.

HelloCBD Fruit Drinks
Source: Hello CBD

Here at Canex, we like to measure CBD products against their non-CBD equivalent. And this product really stands up to that test. We found that the quality flavour of these drinks could stand proudly in comparison to many other popular fruit drinks on the market.

Back to CBD… All three of Hello CBD’s soft drink products come with a healthy 15mg dose of CBD. We found that this amount gave the perfect kick for an easy-going afternoon refreshment. It provides an easy and fresh feeling of calm, without making you so relaxed that you could go back to bed.

The only slightly negative thing we had to say about this product, was the slightly garish colours of the drinks – slightly brighter in real life than in the picture above, particularly the Açaí Berry. However, we would be happy to drink all three flavours, despite this small issue.

We’ve even named Hello CBD’s soft drinks as one of our Top Picks!

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Product Scores

Hello CBD Açaí Berry Drink


Hello CBD Tropical Drink


Hello CBD Lemon & Lime



Fruity taste

Appealing packaging

Bright colour

Good dose of CBD

Very slight aftertaste

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