The Canadian province where only the jabbed can buy cannabis and alcohol

11th January 2022

Quebec has introduced a controversial measure that will ban the unvaccinated from a number of venues, including cannabis and liquor stores. It is claimed that the move will help to stop the spread of the new Coronavirus variant.

The BBC reports that, despite the Canadian province Quebec having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, officials have decided to encourage unjabbed citizens to take the vaccine by introducing new measures.

According to the decision, effective from 18 January, only those with proof of vaccination will be able to enter the premises of cannabis and liquor stores, as well as other public spaces, in the province.

Those without such certificates have already been banned from health facilities, theatres, bars and indoor sport and performance venues.

Health officials warned of a “tsunami” of new hospital admissions, while Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé has a clear message: people should get jabbed and “more restrictions are coming soon.”

He said: “I’m just saying that if you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home. If unvaccinated people are unhappy about it, there’s a very simple solution: getting vaccinated.”

Quebec’s approach is completely different from their American counterparts – there have been a number of reports of cannabis stores offering discounts for those showing proof of vaccination.

In July 2021, Washington State announced that, in order to boost its coronavirus vaccination strategy, citizens would be offered a cannabis joint at various cannabis stores.

It was called the “Joints for jabs” initiative and reports claim it was welcomed by campaigners and most involved.

In the same month, California tried to convince the stoner community to take the jab by handing out a token redeemable for one pre-roll to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations and safe cannabis use.

Back in January, when the vaccine rollout was in its first phase, a Michigan-based cannabis store offered the same. The dispensary gave away free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to people able to prove that they’ve been vaccinated for the virus.

The scheme was called “Pots for Shots.”

The then shop owner Jerry Millen told CNN: “We’re all stressed out, but the vaccine is hopefully what’s going to finally end this pandemic, and we just want to reward people who are going ahead of the curve to get the vaccine.

“If I can help stop the pandemic in any slightest way, and this is the way I can do it, so be it.”

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