Top Beverages CBD Spirits – Masala Vodka Review

9th December 2019

UK luxury drinks start-up Top Beverages recently announced the release of their new ‘spice collection’, featuring three new CBD spirits. The spicy trio joins the company’s ‘classic collection’ and ‘signature collection’. To celebrate Top’s growing selection of uniquely flavoured spirits, we decided to sample their CBD Masala Vodka

Like all of Top Beverages‘ spirits, their Masala Vodka contains 50mg of pure CBD, and is 54.5% proof. However, unlike the original, their Masala Vodka combines an array of carefully chosen ingredients to produce an entirely unique flavour.

Top Beverages infuses their vodka with fresh Indian vanilla pods, green cardamom, cassia bark, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger root to create a spirit unlike any other on the market.


Each of Top Beverages’ unique spirits is bottled in beautiful Italian glass, giving their products a feel of true luxury. The spirits are also categorised through their bottle designs. For example, gins are presented in a tear-drop shape, rum in a modern rectangular bottle, and vodka in a curved, diamond-embossed design.

Earlier this year. Saf Ali, Co-founder of Top Beverages, said:

“We embrace classic ideas of simplicity and minimalism and combine them with elegance and artistry.”

We feel that this is definitely reflected in the company’s branding. And so, armed with the knowledge of ingredients and awe of the bottle design, we decided to get on with the fun part – drinking.

CBD masala vodka
Source: Top Beverages


We began with a straight sample of the vodka in order to get a taste of the unique blend of ingredients. First of all, we were struck with the high strength of the spirit, which still managed to take us off guard for a second. However, the initial strength was followed by a smooth and satisfying undertone of sweet vanilla.

The other spices also soo began to creep into recognition. The remaining spices, particularly the cloves and nutmeg, provided a warm and familiar feeling as we sipped away. Although satisfying (and very strong), we wanted to see how this complex spirit would work with a mixer.

So, as Top Beverages recommends in their product listing, we tried our CBD Masala Vodka, topped up with cola.

The high strength of the vodka, though slightly subdued by our mixer, still packed a punch – however, not in an unpleasant way. What’s more, the warming spice flavours worked well with the sweetness of the cola. The spice flavours combined with the cola to create an enjoyable drink experience, which we would definitely try again.

Top Beverages

One thing to be stressed in regards to Top Beverages is their use of high-quality, pure CBD. This allows them to stand apart from other spirits distillers who use Cannabis derivatives – many of whom use hemp extract. Each of Top Beverages’ spirits is carefully dosed with 50mg of CBD.

Top Beverages’ CBD Masala Vodka is priced at £39.95 / 500ml bottle.

Product Scores

Masala Vodka



Warming spice profile

Works well with cola

No CBD aftertaste

High strength for drinking straight

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