Canex 2019 CBD Product Awards

30th December 2019

2019 has been a phenomenal year for the UK’s CBD industry. We have seen the public interest and product diversity and availability grow at a huge rate, with new CBD products launching every step of the way.

To celebrate this growth, and the wealth of great products now available, we’ve decided to shout about some of our favourites, with Canex CBD Product Awards.

We have chosen our favourite products in six categories: Edible, alcoholic drink, soft drink, hot drink, tincture, and supplement.

CBD Edible of the Year

CBD-infused edibles can be a tricky business, so we love it when we find a product we love. We’ve tasted some pretty disappointing CBD products in the past, but our winner gave us faith that edibles can be done well.

Paso has managed to do CBD edibles extremely well. Both their chocolates and their handmade gummies are delicious. However, only one product can win, so we have to give the edge to their CBD Apple Gummies.

Paso CBD Apple Gummies
Paso CBD Apple Gummies

Paso’s all-natural, handmade gummies pack a punch of natural apple flavour which would stand up against any luxury non-CBD confectionary. Each gummy contains a massive 20mg dose of CBD. Paso is even planning to launch a vegetarian and vegan-friendly version of the gummies, which we can’t wait for!

CBD Alcoholic Drink of the Year

The next of our CBD Product Awards is for the alcohol sector. A number of CBD and hemp-infused alcoholic drinks have been launched this year, from beer to rum. But one brand, in particular, have managed to create something a little different (even more different than CBD rum).

Top Beverages launched this Summer with its original luxury range of CBD-infused gin, rum, and vodka. A few months later, the brand launched 2 new ranges, consisting of different takes on the three spirits. Our favourite? Bloody Mary CBD Gin.

Top Beverages Bloody Mary CBD Gin
Top Beverages Bloody Mary CBD Gin

Top Beverages new ranges (Signature Collection and Spice Collection) feature six new spirits: Spiced rum, Masala vodka, Bloody Mary gin, Super gin, Mocha rum, and Citrus vodka.

The Bloody Mary gin, part of the spice collection, is infused with chilli, tomato, black pepper, and celery for that well-known Bloody Mary taste. In addition, each 500ml bottle contains a 50mg dose of CBD.

CBD Soft Drink of the Year

This might be the toughest category for the whole of the CBD industry. The soft drink sector has definitely been one of the most popular with businesses looking to incorporate the cannabinoid. So many of these companies have managed to produce a good-quality, nice-tasting product, but we can only pick one winner.

We’ve decided to give our CBD Soft Drink of the Year to a company that claims to have created the UK’s first CBD drink – Botanic Lab and their ‘Dutch Courage’.

Botanic Labs CBD Product Awards
Botanic Labs ‘Dutch Courage’

Botanic Lab actually makes two CBD soft drinks products, ‘Dutch Courage’ and ‘Mellowdrama’. Mellowdrama is a fruity CBD shot, designed to provide fast-acting feeling of zen in a small package.

Our winner, Dutch Courage, comes in a larger package. This CBD-infused soft drink is flavoured with Mixed with Hibiscus, Green Tea and Sour Cherry for a refreshing and natural taste. If you’re in London, you might even be able to get this drink through Deliveroo!

CBD Supplement of the Year

Despite the seemingly ever-growing list of CBD’s potential benefits, simple supplements don’t get as much publicity or excitement as drink infusions and edibles. But they can offer an easy, convenient, and discrete way to get your dose of cannabidiol for the day.

Hello CBD Day Tablets Product Awards
Hello CBD Day Tablets

We feel that our winner for this award checks all those boxes, with their small tin of easily dosed tablets. Hello CBD’s Daily Active Vitamin Tablets each offer a 10mg dose of CBD, alongside Vitamins C, B2, B5, and B6. To take these, you simply let the tablet dissolve under your tongue – easy! We’ve chosen Hello CBD’s Mint flavour tablets, but they also make a Lemon and Ginger Nighttime Tablet with a 20mg dose!


CBD Tincture of the Year

The CBD tincture world is overwhelmingly crowded, with almost every brand that dabbles in the industry bringing out a dropper-topped bottle of their own. Choosing the winner for this category was another tough choice, but in the end, one brand seemed to stand out more than the others.

Lucid Hemp CBD Tincture Product Award
Lucid Hemp CBD Tincture 1000mg

Lucid Hemp‘s 1000mg CBD Tincture is the next winner of one of our CBD product awards. We like a lot of things about Lucid Hemp’s tinctures. From their soothing branding and easy-to-understand droplet strength guide.

What swung it for us though, was the taste. A lot of the tinctures we have tried have tasted, well, unpleasant. Some even seem to irritate the throat. But, that’s not the case with Lucid Hemp’s recipe. Keep up the good work!

CBD Hot Drink of the Year

Our final CBD product award is for our favourite CBD-infused hot drinks. Cannabidiol has taken the beverage world by storm, and the hot drinks sector is no exception. You can now buy CBD teas, coffees, and even hot chocolates in health shops and online. Kylie Jenner even plugged her favourite, Happy Tea.

But, we’ve picked a different favourite…

The Hashtag Company's CannaCoffee Hemp and CBD drinks
The Hashtag Company’s CannaCoffee Hemp and CBD drinks

CannaCoffee – an environmentally-conscious, sustainable, and hemp-infused caffeine kick. The Hashtag Company’s trio of CBD-infused coffee was award-winning, even before we gave them our favour in our ‘Top Picks‘ article. Their bio-degradable capsules come in flavours original, vanilla, and caramel.

So, there you have it! Our six favourite CBD products of the year. Why not give them a go yourself?

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